Am I Really Sitting On A Cloud?! | Sitting In The Clouds 

Obviously I’m not really sitting in the clouds. Although I wish I was but that’s not actually scientifically possible because clouds are made up of droplets of water so unless I want to plummet to my death I won’t actually ever tick “float on a cloud” off my bucket list. Which if you come to think of it is such a shame.  In the summer as your body is sprawled out on the grass and you’re looking up at the sky, the clouds are so perfect and inviting you just wish you could snuggle up on one and fall asleep. At least I can dream. 

So if I’m not actually sitting on a cloud right now? 1) where am I? and 2) why am I deceiving my readers with my blog name? 

One. I’m currently sat at my desk typing out this very strange blog post…maybe a little too strange for my first ever one but hey oh. If you really care, I’m sat in my Bambi pj shorts…in the UK it is just getting warm enough to wear shorts casually around the house rather than being bundled up in numerous jumpers and onesies,  and my “hakuna matata” sweatshirt…my true self is already coming out…yes! I am truly obsessed with Disney, if you couldn’t tell.  And for future reference I will always be sitting at my computer desk when writing blog posts because funnily enough blogging requires a computer. 

Two. So if I’m not actually sitting on a cloud why is my blog name “sitting in the clouds”? Well my fellow readers, let me tell you. First of all, it’s f***ing hard coming up with a good blog name that hasn’t already been taken and doesn’t require you to have x amount of numbers after it. Secondly, I wanted a blog name that wasn’t specific to one topic as I want my blog to feature anything and everything. Thirdly, being a girl I wanted something cute…clouds are both cute and pretty, in my opinion. And finally, I look up at clouds in the sky…they are limitless, they just float around not having a care in the world. I’m really not a worrier when it comes to my personality so I feel like clouds describe me perfectly. 

So to sum my first ever blog post up…no I’m not actually sitting on a cloud…unfortunately and 2) I came up with my blog name because I needed something that wasn’t already taken, sounded cute and summed up my content and me as a person. So if you want a float on a cloud as well be sure to hit that follow button to join my little cloud community which I hope to grow and expand one day as the sky is limitless and you never know what might happen. 

until next time…

xoxo, rachel

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