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Welcome Back!! I hope you are all well. I woke up this morning with a video from Shannon- Leaning Lights in my Youtube subscription box saying she has pushed forward my favourite readathon to this coming week. I adore this readathon as its so relaxed and I never feel pressured to read a certain amount during the readathon as I feel reading should always be for pleasure and no one should never feel pressured.

There are challenges to help you create your TBR but you don’t have to base your reading around them. However I have decided to so let’s hop straight into the books I hope to read during the readathon. 

(This readathon is from Monday 20th – Sunday 26th) 

The Challenges: 

  • A book that’s been on your TBR for over a year. 
  • A sequel.
  • A first book in a series. 
  • A book out of your comfort zone.
  • A book from your most recent book haul.


My Books: 

  • The World According to Danny Dyer – a book from my most recent book haul 
  • Just One Day by Gayle Foreman – a first in a series 
  • Just One Year by Gayle Foreman – a sequel/a book that’s been on my TBR over a year
  • The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins – a book out of my comfort zone

Are you participating in TBRTakedown 4.0 and if you are what books are on your TBR? I would love to know. I will be posting a TBRTakedown Wrap Up after the readathon is complete so keep your eyes peeled for that. You can follow me so you are notified every time I upload. 

You can keep up to date with the readathon by following Shannon and the TBRTakedown account on Twitter: 

TBRTakedown : @TBRTAKEDOWN    |     Shannon: @Leaninglights

until next time…

xoxo, rachel 

twitter: @rachelcerys_xo  |   instagram: @rachelcerysbutcher

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