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Welcome Back!!! I’ve been using a bullet journal for about six months now and only recently have I been able to find the exact way I want to use it and how it works best for me. Bullet journals are so diverse, they give you so much freedom to create the planner you’ve been searching long and hard for, that you won’t find a layout and system you love and that works for you straight away. Bullet journals are all about experimenting and after six months of experimenting with my bullet journal, I have finally system I love and that works for me. 

I started using a bullet journal with the generic layouts; the monthly views, the dailies, the habit trackers…all the basics. I found I instantly fell in love with the habit trackers and I still use them to this day. I used to love monthly and dailies but soon realised I would forget to write a daily to-do list each day and realised I liked to plan ahead. I also never turned back to the monthly and when I did saw how empty and unused it was. 

This past month I found great inspiration on Instagram and the planning community for a great weekly spread. This enables me to plan ahead but not so far ahead that it starts to stress me out. I can plan for the next week the Sunday before and see a weekly overview. I now no longer do monthly or dailies because they just don’t benefit the way I like to plan anymore. 


You can see from the image above exactly how I lay out each weekly spread. I keep it consistent each week so I don’t get confused. 

I love to colour code my days so in my “next week” section (bottom left), or my spends box I can see which day I spent that money or what day next week I have things planned on. Colour coding is a great way of keeping track of your tasks and adding colour to your bullet journal. 


Over this past month, I have switched up the boxes to figure our exactly where I wanted to place everything on my weekly spread. The image above is how I currently like having my bullet journal. I realised I didn’t need two separate boxes for my “budget”  and “spends” so I combined the two and this enabled me to have a “next week” box which has come in more handy than I first thought. 

Each column, specific for each day of the week, allows me to write a mini to-do list of things I need to complete on a specific day. The notes section allows me to write to-dos I have but don’t need to be done on a certain day or things I know I can’t forget. 

At the top of each column I have my work schedule, which doesn’t change but I still like to note it down as I do have days off due to hospital appointments sometimes. At the bottom of the column I keep Tom’s work schedule as this does change weekly, as well as a section for when I need to post on my blog and on what days. 

I love keeping track of my water intake. I feel like I tend to drink more if after each glass I get to colour in a box…it’s a lot more satisfying and makes you, in my opinion, drink more. 


I don’t tend to keep many collections in my bullet journal as I prefer to use it just to keep track of my to-do lists and weekly events and activities. However in June, I’ve got really into my bullet journal after a couple months of not being fussed and I’ve found some collections that I love to keep up to date with. 

Of course one of them is my habit tracker, but two other ones I’ve been absolutely loving filling in this month as been my “Movies” collection and my “Blog Ideas” page. They are pretty self-explanatory. My movies spread allows me to keep track of all the films I’ve seen in the cinema this year. I’m thinking of starting another one where I keep a note of all the films I’ve seen at home, I just love the film strip aspect of this page so much. The blog ideas page just enables me to jot down ideas quickly and once I’ve written a post on them, I can cross it off, easily keeping track on blog posts I upload. It’s also a place I can come when I’m stumped on what to upload. 

I really don’t know where I’d be without my bullet journal especially after such a hectic month of my internship, seeing friends and sorting out college applications. My newly ‘worked out” bullet journal has been a life saviour. 

I love bullet journaling and I don’t think I’ll be on the hunt for another planner any time soon. If you would like to see more posts on my bullet journal or bullet journaling in general, please let me know as I would love to share my tips and tricks with you all. 

Do you bullet journal? How do you use yours? 

until next time…

xoxo, rachel 

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10 thoughts on “My Bullet Journal| Sitting In The Clouds

    1. I was obsessed with mine at the end of last year, beginning of this year and then stopped for a couple of months but now I’m obsessed again. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration, I’m glad I’ve got you wanting to use your again, have fun with it 🙂


  1. Hi Rachel and thanks for the follow. I am also new to the whole Bujo thing and really enjoy the fact that for me it is an embellished to do list with other things thrown in. I like to do a weekly spread too. I’ve got loads of pics on Instagram at @crafthippy. Going to check out your feed if you have one and find you on Bloglovin’. Keep up the good work! Jane x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much!! I’m on Instagram and bloglovin, all links are on my blog posts 🙂 I don’t tend to post much about my bujo j my Instagram, it tends to be more personal and fashion related but feel free to check it out of your interested! Thanks for the follow also, I’m always looking more new bujo blogs and inspiration 🙂 love yours 🙂 xx


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