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Welcome Back!!! If the sun won’t shine, the clouds decide to stay and the rain won’t go away, I’ll just have make it look and feel like summer with the clothes I decide to wear. I know the UK isn’t known for it’s sunshine but could we at least have a little just so  everyone can at least pretend it’s summer? 


I decided to bring the sunshine to work this week but wearing this gorgeous bright floral off the shoulder top from H&M. I love the colours and print of this top as it’s not your typical floral print and it just screams summer to me. 

Top: H&M

Jeans: Topshop



Although it is summer in the UK, it defiantly isn’t warm enough to wear shorts so I paired the top with some high-waisted jeans from Topshop….aka my go to jeans as I just love the fit of them, I hate jeans that aren’t super tight around the ankles and the Topshop Joni jeans are the only ones I like. 


I love Vans. I have multiple pairs but I decided to complete this outfit with my white ones. But they aren’t  your typical plain white vans. They have a beautiful subtle print on them making them super original. I’ve not seen anyone with these Vans before. 


My boyfriend and I decided to walk down to my local old town to take these OOTD pictures and the memorial garden was decked out with patriotic flower beds since the Queen’s 90th  birthday wasn’t too long ago. 




Outfit Details: 

Top: H&M (Current, should still be in stores)

Jeans: Topshop (do their Joni jeans ever go out of stock?)

Shoes: Vans

Thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog, it means the world to me. If you liked what you read and saw in this blog post, be sure to follow me for more. I absolutely love doing OOTD posts…writing them and taking the pictures for them, so if you want to see OOTD posts, please let me know. 

until next time…

xoxo, rachel 

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7 thoughts on “Pretending It’s Summer | OOTD | Sitting In The Clouds

  1. Love the outfit! And I can’t get over how pretty you are! ❤ Ahhh we Brits never seem to have a real summer. At least I can still wander round in my jumpers and cardigans though haha 😆

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Would love to see more OOTDs, and by the way, I absolutely love this outfit!! What’s the highest the temperature gets in the U.K. during summer time?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much!! Last year we had one day that reached 30 degrees but that’s rare, usually it’s around low to mid 20s but this year has been rubbish so far! 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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