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Welcome Back!!! Sorry for all the bookish blog posts recently but since coming out of very long reading slump in June I’m back to obsessing over everything book related. I’ve already posted my “Top Books of 2016…So Far” but I’ve seen this tag go around on Booktube and on book blogs and it answered more questions about the books I’ve read so far this year than just the books I’ve loved.

1/ Best Book You’ve Read So Far in 2016 

Now, if you’ve read my “Top Books of 2016…So Far” then you’ll know my top picks but if I had to pick only one of them I would have to say “The Art of Being Normal” by Lisa Williamson. This book has just stuck with me and when someone asks for a book recommendation I always mention this one first.

2/ Best Sequel You’ve Read So Far in 2016 

I haven’t read too many sequels this year so as soon as I read this question I knew instantly what book I was going to choose. That book is “Always with Love” by Giovanna Fletcher.

3/ New Release You Haven’t Read but Want To…

If you count paperback releases then “Girl Online: On Tour” by Zoe Sugg. I brought the first book in paperback and being the book collector I am, I had to wait for the second book to be released in paperback before buying it so my copies matched. The paperback version has just been released so I need to get my hands on it now.

I also can’t wait to delve into the “The Unexpected Everything” by Morgan Matson, it’s on my TBR for this month so fingers crossed I will actually read it this month. 

4/ Most Anticipated Release For The Second Half of the Year

Just to name a few….”Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” by JK Rowling, “The Song Rising” by Samantha Shannon and “The Fever Code” by James Dashner.

5/ Biggest Disappointment 

I hate to admit it but I’m going to have to say “The Hobbit” by J.R.R.Tolkien…my boyfriend is going to hate me, it’s his favourite book. I’m not by any means saying I hated this book, I actually quite enjoyed it but it didn’t live up to the expectations I had and I just couldn’t get to grips with the language.

6/ Biggest Surprise

Just One Night” by Gayle Foreman. I adored this novella and the reason it came as such a surprise to me is that although I love reading novellas but I feel that they never bring too much to the original story and as I didn’t enjoy Just One Year too much I didn’t have high expectations for Just One Night. However, Just One Night wrapped up the entire story so well and it just left me feeling so happy about the ending and how all the characters were left. Gayle Foreman did an amazing job with novella.

7/ Favourite New Author

Marie Lu. I read her Legend trilogy right at the beginning of the year and loved it, giving all books an average of 4.5 stars. I really want to pick up The Young Elites by her but haven’t gotten round to it yet, the saying….too many books too little time…is too true.

8/ Newest Fictional Crush 

It has to be Henry from “Second Chance Summer” by Morgan Matson.

9/ Newest Favourite Character 

Probably June from the “Legend” trilogy, she was just such a kick ass female protagonist.

10/ Book That Made You Cry

I don’t cry often when reading and when I say not often I mean never. However, Second Chance Summer got to me…I shed a few years at the end of this book.

11/ Book That Made You Happy

My rereads of Harry Potter never fail to make me happy. One of my goals for this year is to reread the entire series and I’m currently reading on the Goblet of Fire…getting a head start before the Booktube-a-thon as it’s such a big book. Read my TBR here

12/ Favourite Book to Movie Adaption

Unfortunately I haven’t seen any this year and actually don’t know many that have been released.  I have “Me Before You” sitting on my shelves but I have yet to pick it up so I’ve refrained myself from seeing the film. 

13/ Favourite Post You Have Done This Year

I’ve only had Sitting In The Clouds for just under 2 months so that only totals about 45 posts but some of my favourites are:

How Much Is My Face Worth? 

Discovering A New World

The Birthday Girl | OOTD


14/ Most Beautiful Book You’ve Brought This Year

Billy and Me” by Giovanna Fletcher is one of my all time favourite contemporaries…read about all my favourite contemporaries here. So when Zoella put Billy and Me in her WHSmith exclusive book club and the Billy and Me cover got a revamp, I had to pick up the new edition of it…it’s stunning!! 


and Finally….

15/ What Books Do You Hope to Read by the End of the Year

I hope to finish my reread of the Harry Potter series. I also hope to read all my anticipated releases I mentioned above but I’m quite a mood reader so I’ll just hope to read at least 50 books by the end of year. My target is 55 but I don’t think I’ll reach it after my long reading slump.

and now I tag…

ANYONE WHO WANTS TO DO IT….just be sure to let me know as I would love to read your answers. 

Half way through the year, 23 books read and another blog post done and dusted. I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to let me know what some of your favourites reads of 2016 have been so far in the comments below. 

until next time…

xoxo, rachel

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      1. I know! I’m finding it even more annoying because I only buy paperbacks, and it’ll take even longer for that to be released. Plus there’s been a cover change. To say it’s one of my favourite series, none of the news has been great lately!

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      2. Have you not seen them? They’re all white with a logo in the middle. Apparently the old and new spines look good together on bookshelves, but I’m not convinced. I love the current covers too!

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