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Welcome Back!!! I absolutely adore writing monthly wrap ups and reflecting on the month just been so I’m back here for my September monthly moments. Of course the main thing to happen this month was being at Walt Disney World...it feels like months ago I came back, I can’t believe it was only just under 4 weeks. Although we started our holiday in August, we landed back in the UK on September 5th so I decided to include it in todays post.

It was the most surreal yet magical experience of my life so far. Being in the my favourite place in the world (Disney has a lot of meaning and sentimental value for me) with my favourite person was amazing. I’ve been on a lot of Disney holidays which I’m so grateful for but this one has to top the rest by miles. It was truly the ultimate Disney experience.


All About The MagicDisney Haul 

Reflecting back on the month as I sit at my desk writing this post, I really didn’t get up to much this month. I look at the month just gone and Disney is always the first thing that pops into my head. Going to Disney in August means my sister gets to celebrate a lot of her birthdays there, which I will always be jealous of. However, when we returned home, we had a little party for her and even though she’s 22, she still likes to have a theme. Pineapple and Flamingos it was.

2016_September_Frances' 22nd Birthday Party.jpg

My sister, my two younger cousins and I surrounded by yet another one of my mums master pieces. 

Although September saw the beginning of Autumn/Fall, the weather is still on our side. You can tell it’s autumn, colder mornings with my car heater on full blast to warm myself up on the drive to work but the days are full of blue skies and sunshine. I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

Then the time came to visit the sets of FRIENDS. Another great experience that I will treasure forever. I have a whole blog post on it full of pictures, take a closer look here.



But other than that, I just chilled at home, spent my days at work, reading and soaking up Netflixs and DisneyLife. Tom got me watching Star Wars after out trip to Disney, I have to say I loved the first one, we have yet to watch the next but I’m sure I’ll love it.

Snapchat filters are my life.

So that was my September. Not that exciting but enjoyable nevertheless. I can’t wait for October. I have some really exciting events to look forward to, for example THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 7 is back !!!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful September and are enjoying every moment of life, whatever it may bring you. Bring on October for halloween and everything scary and spooky.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel 

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