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Welcome Back!!! I’m starting uni on Monday…OMG!!! I can’t believe it’s come around so fast. My last day at my internship is tomorrow and I’m so sad to be leaving such a great bunch of people that have made me feel so welcome and have allowed me to truly find my passion in life. I can’t thank them enough. 

So I thought with starting a new chapter in my life, I should start a new bullet journal to represent that chapter. I adored my old bullet journal, the blue soft cover Moleskin, dotted so I went for another Moleskin. This time I opted for a black hard cover, just because I think it will be more durable commuting into London everyday, dotted…again


Of course I had to add my own personal touch to the front. I stuck down a postcard of Walt Disney [my no.1 inspiration in life] and added a gold washi tap around to act like a border. I love it. 

On the opening page, I just designed a cute quote I found a while back and really liked. When I open my bullet journal now I see this and it just helps me to remember your life may not be going great but you can always look on the brighter side of things. 

[“when you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see hundred weeds or hundred wishes”]


Starting a brand new bullet journal meant I could just incorporate everything I loved from my old bullet journal and scrap everything I wasn’t such a massive fan of. This is how the month of September came out…


With starting Uni I thought it would be a good idea to bring back the monthly spreads and so far so good. I’m really liking having somewhere to save dates further in advance than just weekly spreads. 

Of course I colour code because I feel it keeps me so much more organised. You can see my key down in the right hand corner. I also have a box on the bottom left had side to put any events that I know I have planned for the next month enabling me to plan even further in advance. I’m really like how it’s working at the moment. Fingers crossed I will stay a fan. 


Since starting weekly spreads in my bullet journal they have evolved quite a bit. I’m loving my new layout at the moment as it enables me to track my habits within the spread. I found in pre-September [July\August], I just really wasn’t turning to my monthly habit tracker like I used to. So I came up with a layout in my weekly spreads to incorporate the main habits I wanted to track [blogging, reading, awake by 9am, bed by 1030pm,graphics]. So far this is working really well for me and I’m liking that I can track my habits without having to turn to a completely different page in my bullet journal. Of course I’m still colour coding [monday – turquoise, tuesday – pink, wednesday – blue, thursday – light green, friday – fuchsia, saturday – dark green, sunday – purple]

Having a new weekly layout enabled me to have more space for my notes and next week sections with have come a life-saver with all the things I need to remember to do before starting uni. I also still love tracking my tv shows at the bottom of each daily column and my water intake. 


Other than keeping my monthly and weekly spreads in my bullet journal, I try and keep to a more minimalistic feel when it comes to collections. The few collections I have in my bullet journal now are my “blog ideas” and my “tv shows”. I’m currently watching iZombie and Once Upon A Time on Netflix so I like knowing what episode I’m on with each. I would love to bring back my “movies” tracker though because I loved that collection in my old bujo. 

Now, here’s a quick peek at my October monthly layout…


I stuck with the same sort of theme as I found it really worked out for me in September. 

A very simplistic bullet journal this time around as I’ve learnt what works and doesn’t work for me. I’m loving it so far as it really does do everything I want it to, a place to hold my to-dos, reminds me of upcoming dates/deadlines and allows me to be creative. 

Do you have a bullet journal? How do you use the system? Let me know. 

until next time, 

xoxo, rachel 

P.S. Blog posts may become less regular at the moment as uni will be starting shortly and I’m not sure on my schedule yet. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates. 

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18 thoughts on “My NEW Bullet Journal | Sitting In The Clouds

    1. aw thank you! it not only a planner for me, it’s a creative outlook. I love spending time on it and making it colourful! [they are incredibly helpful]


  1. Love the TV Tracker! I started using a Bullet Journal a few months ago and I love it! I love flipping through it and making collections. The quote you put at the front of your journal looks so pretty!

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