Tea Talk #3 | A Festive Weekend | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! This past weekend was super festive and a perfect way to kick of December for me. My old town was hosting a mini Christmas event so I met up with my two favourite work colleagues to have a wander round. However, we ended up in Prezzo because the event was rubbish and when I say rubbish, I mean s***. I’ll just say that they made it sound so much bigger and better than it actually was. However, there were real life reindeers that we couldn’t help but have a selfie with them.


Although the actual event was very disappointing, the evening was still really fun with a nice catch up over Spaghetti Carbonara at Prezzo.

On Saturday though, the real festivities started as myself, my dad, my sister and her boyfriend went to our local Christmas tree farm to pick out our perfect tree. When we get a real tree, this alternates every other year, we always go down to the local Christmas tree farm on the first Saturday of December. This year it happened to be on the 3rd so we have our tree up earlier than most years but it makes me so happy because as I write this blog post, this is my current view….


It didn’t take us long to find our perfect tree so it was time to pay for it in a beautifully decorated “shed” and with great difficulty, which doesn’t get easier with every passing year, get our tree into the car to take home.

When we got home it was of course time to decorate our new addition to our home. However, uni is so full on and for some reason this past weekend in particular was hectic and work never seemed to stop. So for that reason, my dad sorted out the tree and put the lights on and when the tinsel and decorations needed to be put on, I stopped my work and helped. It was a lovely break from researching what different colours meant in different countries and cultures…it’s hard than it seems.


I think this is one pretty perfect tree for being real, look how symmetrical it is.

What I love most about my family’s tree is there is never a theme, there never has been and there never will be. All our decorations are memories, either from holidays we’ve been on or different key moments in our lives. Our christmas tree is always personal and unique and I think it’s perfect.



Opening the first door on your advent calendar, seeing your first Christmas advent on TV and turning up the radio when you hear the first Christmas song of the year are all momentous moments in the run up to Christmas, but there’s something special about putting up your Christmas tree and turning on the lights on the first time that is so christmassy and special which for me truly means Christmas is here.

Have you got your Christmas tree up yet? What festive things have you done so far in December? Let’s chat in the comments.

xoxo, rachel 

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10 thoughts on “Tea Talk #3 | A Festive Weekend | Sitting In The Clouds

  1. I’ve always wanted a live Christmas tree but my parents would never let me because “the cat will climb it and the dog will pee on it” lol. We have a fake tree but we haven’t put it up yet because today is my birthday and the 8th is my dad’s, we try to wait till after the birthdays before decorating.

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    1. Aw no but I completely understand your house would be mayhem with a dog and a cat and a real tree haha!! I love my fake tree as well! And it’s definitely less hassle! My mum was the same, her sisters birthday was the 12th of Dec so never had the tree up before then xx

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  2. Oh no! It’s so disappointing when you get your hopes up about something and it turns out to be a bit of a letdown! I had a similar experience with the Christmas lights switch-on near home a few weeks ago – they made it sound super magical and amazing but it was a bit of a flop… haha. The reindeer look so cute though. And there’s nothing like getting a real tree – they’re just so much more special! I’m super jealous you have yours up already – my family tend to do it a couple of weeks before Christmas at the earliest! x


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