Very Mini Makeup Haul + My UGG Obsession | Tea Talk #5 | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! This tea talk is going to be as real as a teal talk is ever going to get, except I’m drinking squash rather than tea but squash talk doesn’t sound half as good as tea talk does. I have so much to ramble on about in this blog post because it feels like I haven’t spoken to you guys in ages, I think it’s been less than a week but it feels like forever. So let’s start with the thing you guys clicked on this blog post for…to see what makeup products I picked up today.

I went to the highstreet to buy paint for one of my university projects and apparently the art shop we’ve had in our boring highstreet since we’ve lived here, 10 years, has decided to disappear when I actually need it…typical. But on the bright side, our Superdrug is still open for business and I was running low of a few of my holy grails so I had to pick up some spares. Luckily, both the products I needed were Maybelline and they were having a buy 1 get one half price offer on all their cosmetics so that was a nice surprise as I’m BROKE at the minute.


  • Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Oil Blend Mascara – I received the Maybelline Falsies for Christmas so I opened it the other day so I could save my holy grail, Maybelline Sensational, and save some money by using a mascara I already own, but OMG, I’m sorry to bad mouth Maybelline because they are my favourite drugstore brand but the Falsies is s*** compared to the Lash Sensational. It doesn’t give my lashes any volume, and it barely looks like I’ve put any mascara on at all. So I’m super happy I now have a back up of my all time favourite so I don’t have to go through the torture of using the Falsies mascara again.
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer – Another holy grail product of mine. It has amazing coverage, it’s lightweight, it doesn’t crease and the staying power is awesome. Love this concealer.

So there’s my very very mini makeup haul for you guys. I didn’t see the point in doing a whole blog post just for two items so they ended up in a tea talks post. Now onto the next rambley section of this blog post, talking about my obsession with UGGS. I was lucky enough to receive another gorgeous pair of UGGS this year for Christmas, the grey minis (What I Got For Christmas). However, my mum got them on Black Friday to save some cash…I don’t blame her and because my size, a size 7, had all sold out, she purposely got an 8 so at least I had them to open on Christmas. We returned them early in the new year to get my actual size and when they were returned to us, they were the exact size we had originally, an 8. We called up, they apologised for the error, we sent them back again, only to have to wait about another week and a half for them to return to us…again. They finally, in the right size, got to us earlier this week.


I’m a little obsessed with them to say the least. Today was the first day I’d worn them out as I waterproof sprayed them yesterday and had to wait for them to dry completely before venturing out in them. But they are beautiful and I love them so much. I actually have four other pair of UGGS, excluding my UGG trainers. I seriously have an obsession and as soon as I put my new ones with my outfit today, I had the wanting for the Chestnut minis because then I would have the complete set of minis. I’m so obsessed it’s unreal. They are just so comfy, they go with any outfit I put on and they’re just awesome shoes.


And finally, if you’ve got this far and actually read this blog post I congratulate you because it’s just been so random. I know I have been off my blogging game at the minute and I’m trying my best to stick to my blogging schedule, Monday, Friday and Sundays but my first ever university submission date is steadily getting nearer and I have SO much work to do for it so when I’m off university, I’m working and in the evening once I’m home from uni, I’m working. I usually work until 9pm and after that I just want to chill out before I go to bed ready for another hectic day full of uni work. So I’m sorry for the lack of blog posts but my submission date is the end of this month, beginning of next so by February I should be back to my usual routine of dedicating Fridays to sorting out my blog.

Thank you for baring with me and please stay baring with me until February. You can keep up to date with my whereabouts on Twitter and Instagram, as I’m still on them constantly. I hope you understand and I will still try and get blog posts out for you guys every now and then, just my schedule isn’t really happening at the moment and I’m sorry.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel

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    1. I think because so much people just write positive reviews all the time that it’s a nice change. I love a good rant and I really do not like the Falsies ahah!! I might do a whole negative review of it, just for the fun of it haha!! thanks for reading 🙂

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