Will There Be A Sequel? | Rachel Cerys

I have no idea. All I know is that I’ve had the urge to start blogging again. I started this blog over two years ago and in that time I’ve learnt a lot. Numbers really don’t matter. It takes A LOT more work than anyone will ever realise. You need to do it for yourself and no one else. You will always succumb to writers block, have a lack of motivation and feel that fear of not wanting to carry on. But know that breaks are necessary and you don’t need to justify them, however long they may turn out to be. And finally your readers will always be there on your return, there’s never any reason to feel guilty about not blogging.

I’ve been out of my game for just under a year. I’ve taken breaks before but never for this amount of time. During that time it felt like I would never return. I had no urge to open my laptop and create something for my readers. I lost inspiration and lacked motivation. To put it simply, no love was left for me to be able to take the time out and enjoy blogging. I wasn’t happy about my content like I once was. It felt like a chore to turn on my camera and take a few snaps to enhance that week’s blog post. I know everyone who blogs has those feelings, it comes as part of the package when you accept the life as a blogger. But I truly felt like it was the end for me, but here I am. Once again attempting to rekindle a flame inside me that once burned and fuelled my love of blogging.

This may be my one and only blog post on my attempted come back or it may be the one of many. But either way, to know that I’ve tried, after having the idea of restarting my blog pondering in my mind for a couple of months, I feel like I’ve succeeded one way or another.

Back when I started blogging my focus was beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Since about four months ago, makeup has become a five minute “quick fix” for that tired looking face in the morning. I do my eyebrows, throw on some mascara and walk out the door, just after sparing myself 15 minutes of reading. I’ve never been that adventurous with fashion. Give me a graphic tee, a pair of jeans, along with my favourite Nike airs, and I’m happy, confident and comfy. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that, say goodbye to makeup and fashion related content, to make way for my boring old rambles, my passion for books and love for bullet journalling.

One final thing….I’ve changed my blog name. It’s simply, Rachel Cerys. Enabling me to write whatever I think reflects me as a person.

I hope to see you around,


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