Rekindling Old Friendships | Rachel Cerys

I’d much rather have a few select friends that I can confide in for everything rather than hundreds of friends I can’t really share anything with. So when one of them, probably my closest friend, the one I shared everything with, disappeared from my life after a major falling out, what happens? Do you leave it alone in the hopes you will eventually come back together or try to stay in connect knowing neither of you wanted the other in their lives?

For my friend and I, we disconnected ourselves completely from one another. Unfriending, unfollowing, blocking each other, like you do in today’s society. I honestly didn’t think that we would ever be in contact again. Sad as it is to admit, I got used to life without her but that doesn’t mean I didn’t start to miss her. So when the opportunity arised to message her and give our friendship another chance, I didn’t want to think what could of been so instead fell into the unknown to see what could happen.

My friend Amy and I had been best friends since pretty much the beginning of secondary school, high school for all you American readers. We only grew closer as we grew up and shared those tough but memorable school experiences. But with high school, comes boy trouble. Everyone starts getting boyfriends, wanting to spend every waking minute with their new man, ditching their best friends for boys they think will be their forever.

Note to my younger self || as you get older you realise those boys were most likely scumbags, and definitely weren’t your happily ever after and those friends you ditched, will be your forever.

That’s exactly what happened with Amy and I. We let a boy get between us and break up our nine year friendship. We had no contact with each other for three years. Our last conversation ended with harsh words and tears. But what’s worse is that it happened over text, allowing us to say words we didn’t truly mean because we were hiding ourselves behind our phone screens.

This past weekend, after all those years, we met face to face again. We talked for hours, catching each other up on the years we had missed all because of a boy that I’m not longer in a relationship with. It was so lovely seeing Amy again, it felt like no time had passed. I just hope it’s not a one time thing. She knew and now, after our catch up still knows everything about me. It feels so easy to share things with her and seeing her today has made me realise how much I’ve missed her in my life.

Please never let boys, or anything for that matter get in the way of lifelong friendships, because when you feel like the world is breaking around you, your friends will be the ones to help you rebuild it.

I hope to see you around





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